About Me

My name is James D'Anna - welcome to my dream job. All my life, I have been interested in stories, especially portrayed through the medium of film. I live in Harrisburg, OR with my wife Sharaya and my daughter Olive. For years, I have wanted to tell stories - both through writing and movies - and this company allows me to chase that aspiration. I want to tell your story, whether that be a wedding,  special event, or great small business with a groundbreaking idea. Feel free to reach out to me at james@eliaproductions.com, or you can check out my work on the "Films" page of this website. 

ABOUT Eliá productions

I started this company with a foundational principle: every story is unique. This is why you won't see the same thing twice on my videos - each film is shaped to encapsulate the story of you and your story. Each piece of your film is handcrafted, from the shot and audio editing and coloring to original compositions from River Reinking, a local musician. I look forward to meeting you and finding out about your story.